I want an Attention!

Attention Attention I want an  Attention !! That’s the key word of today’s time, Everyone seems to be a part of typical “Rat Race” and yet we all intend to seek attention from everybody around us. So your good day or bad day, screwed up mood, in daily incidents all depends on how good or badly you were treated today.

In a Monday morning presentation if you were able to impress your boss and got all the attention of crowed & got applaud then your happy hormones shall make you feel light as feather and think about a situation vice versa where you have got all humiliation from bosses & co-workers, Now this very place has become worse place on the planet and you are already planning for a revenge in your tiny head & such volcano of thoughts & emotions pumping up the blood in high pressure  and by this time you have also started checking your phone for new jobs on Linked in / Monster, Few of you might like to take little longer smokey breaks, those extra puffs and reach out other folks & close one who tend to listen to you and once you already passed your working hours while being in a parking you again see your boss now he is waving at you and asking to sit with him tomorrow , Today it was a good try but it was not your best & he smiles and leave. Now suddenly all of your anger, self procrastinations, ugly mood, jumping thoughts, boiling blood has calm down and you’re self motivated to give yourself second chance YES you can do it and back to the race again which is never ending. Did you notice why just simply couple of words exchange with your boss, its just changed the entire episode? ATTENTION !! Now you got his tiny attention which you’re seeking and that has become your driving force  to act or the slavery of begging an attention, Need to be introspected. 

That’s not just the case of folks working in corporates, you can correlate the similar situations in our homes, schools, organizations, Places of worships, even war field, almost in everyone and everywhere & some of our loving pets can’t be excluded for sure. 

So, what should one do or what action to be taken so that it can be fixed or controlled ?? Well most of researches & even famous Gurus said “The answer is within YOU”, Our tendency to look for love, attention, happiness & peace in the outside world or in other person has made us or taken over our thinking pattern, Most of people cribbing for the people & things which they can’t have from the other person. Like; : Oh why he is not looking at me, I deserve a compliment ? Oh she never replies to my phone call and Texts, is she ignoring me or having an affair ? That girl is teacher’s favorite that’s why she always get good grades. 

And there could be endless stories between  Partner – Spouses , Father & Son , Sisters, boyfriend – girlfriend, daughters even Pets can make you feel inferior. 

Simple few tips may help you to heal yourself:-

  • Meditate for 5-10 mins at-least 
  • Appreciate & Reward yourself on your good deeds. 
  • Take extra care of the life which is already alive within you. 
  • Try to be more closer with the Nature. 
  • Practice to be in blissful & joyful state of mind within you as Happy person can make others & the whole atmosphere full of happiness where he/she goes. 
  • Do not give that authority to anyone else to hurt you, make you feel sad, makes your cry or broke, keep those privilege within yourself to prosper the life within you. 

Attention is not a bad thing its a great source of energy, You are good enough & one should learn and practice how to handle their thoughts & emotions, monitor own thinking patterns and accordingly assign such attention to your mind, body & soul for better syncronisation with emotions & feelings and then take care of others around you as we Human learned &  intended to live in a society with in evolution.


Life Coach : Mrs. Dimple Lodha

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