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Inspired by Thoughts:

In the history of mankind, human being has never suffered mentally & emotionally so much as we are suffering in today’s time, in-spite of all facilities, career option, liberal thinking, being independent and living in the era of fastest developing technologies around us still we as  human beings are suffering a lot.

All these series of events and looking at the mankind in present situation from a bird eye view our platform called  “Confession Box” comes into existence to help &  heal the people around the world who are finding it difficult to cope up with human to human relationships. 

Today’s lifestyle are more into Rat race, sensory overload and emotional isolation wreak havoc on our mental health. While longer life spans and physically comfortable lives are being focused on in the world, we want to optimise for enhanced mental well-being for maximum people.

Problems to be addressed:

  • Lack of Awareness – mental health is not synonymous with labelled psychiatric illnesses. Feeling lonely, empty, frustrated, overwhelmed and unhappy without a reason are also mental health issues that can be resolved with talk therapy.
  • Unstructured Ecosystem – system does not emphasize enough on the potential benefits of talk therapy. No platform is able connect enough trained & trusted counsellors / Life Coaches to all the people in need of therapy at affordability.

Our Solution

Customised  Solution 

We believe all individuals are different & unique in their nature Hence, Our tailor made solutions are based on  individual’s problem. At Confession Box we provide flexibility to  Schedule and connect on high quality Audio -Video sessions with your therapist / Life Coach  from the comfort of your home by best in class Life Coach / Counsellor – Get access to a pool of top trained experts.

Flexibility – Counselling is available to you anytime, anywhere on your Mobile / Laptop/ Desktop/ Tablet anytime.

Our Goals

Unleash Unlimited Potential –  Our aim is to help the client unleash unlimited potential and achieve their goals.

Awareness Program – Our objective is to create awareness in the society on misconception of mental health & psychiatric illnesses.

Wellness – Wellness is seen as a combination of mind, body and spirit. Our concern for our clients & people  is to provide complete solution with combination of things including spiritual wellness, social wellness, mental wellness and emotional wellness. 

Mindset – People with a growth mindset actively seek learning opportunities and foster a love of learning and resilience, our mindset plays very important role at where we are today, what we are in present and how we shall be in the future. Our mission is to reach out people and guide them into right direction to help them in building their “Mindset”.

Practicing Positivity – There is a myth in large group of people that once they deliberately participate in something passionately for time being and succeeded then they can go back to normal (Same mindset) and everything shall be in their favor for rest of the life, That’s incorrect approach, Practicing Positivity is a continuous process which controls your thoughts & emotions through out the life journey, At Confession Box we have created a platform where you can continue to evolve with our blog, forums and workshops where individuals can actively participate.



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